The Democratic Club of the High Desert


The mission of the Democratic Club of the High Desert is to have the power necessary to elect Democrats to local, state, and federal office in the Antelope Valley. We will advocate for all that share our vision for a progressive community, and hold our local elected officials accountable to the communities they serve. We will fight to ensure that every individual can enjoy a good life, live in thriving neighborhoods, and enjoy the benefits of social, economic and environmental justice.

We will accomplish these goals by developing our members into effective organizers, identifying and training new leaders, recruiting candidates, and partnering with organizations and leaders who share.


The Democratic Club of the High Desert (DCHD) is the oldest and longest-chartered Democratic club in North Los Angeles County. Founded by then-Assemblyman Larry Chimbole, who also served as the first Mayor of Palmdale, the DCHD has served as the bulwark of Democratic politics in the Antelope Valley for decades. Our former club officers have gone on to serve on the Palmdale School Board, Palmdale Water Board, statewide non-profit boards, and our membership has served on nearly every local publicly elected board in the Antelope Valley and the California State Legislature. 


The Democratic Club of the High Desert hit the ground running in 2017, leading the most impactful year of community organizing in our history. We kicked-off the first district-wide protest in February 2017 alongside partner organizations throughout our congressional district. The “Knight Out” protests brought nearly 500 of Congressman Knight’s constituents together one afternoon to demand he protect the Affordable Care Act and host a town hall with his constituents. We won our town hall and the Affordable Care Act is still the law of the land because of the tireless commitment of thousands of activists in our district, and millions of Americans holding their representatives accountable. 

Since the 2016 election, our members have mobilized more than 2,500 people into actions, meetings, rallies, and canvasses to help us defeat Congressmen Steve Knight and Kevin McCarthy. Our community canvass program has knocked on more than 15,000 doors in the Antelope Valley, and has registered hundreds of new voters. While working to ensure we are prepared to elect local Democrats to office, we are committed to recruiting and supporting qualified Democratic candidates in the Antelope Valley.